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I make music...

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Projects i worked on:

In the past 4 years, I have worked on over 30 different projects including video games, films, podcasts and visual novels.

Versatile, enthusiastic, intuitive and easy to work with - I
have enough passion for the entire world, bringing a new perspective on how the music in any form of media could sound like.



Song Production & Vocals

Sound Design


Audio Integration

Live Performance


Andrejs Klavins.jpg
Andrejs Klavins
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Color Gray Games

"I am one of the creators of the detective game The Case of the Golden Idol and we cooperated with Kyle on creating a soundtrack for the game in the span of 2022, January until 2022, September. During that period Kyle composed 10 unique tracks and 3 additional variations on the existing ones.

We are very happy with the quality of each track. Kyle was receptive and excited to listen to our needs in terms of mood and instrumentation of each scenario to deliver the right atmosphere. He did not object to reworking or scrapping his drafts, if we were not happy and usually his second or third draft would hit the mark for us.


He enjoyed experimenting and trying new things to push the boundaries of how a certain atmosphere could be delivered with the aid of music. He was eager to learn about the game and played through not only to understand better how to compose music for it, but also to share feedback and offer ideas how to approach the soundscape of the game.


Our cooperation was smooth and enjoyable. Kyle delivered tracks within the schedule he promised and if there were any delays, he promptly communicated to manage our expectations.


I would definitely recommend him as a composer to work with on your projects."


• I offer a custom demo track or an SFX reel as part of the audition;

• Over 4 years of experience composing for video games, audiobooks, film and other media. Most notably worked on music for The Case of the Golden Idol and Space Wreck;

• Nominee for 2023 WSA Game Music Award (World Turtles) and 2024 Best Audio Design (Space Wreck) at Latvian Game Awards;

• Based in London, UK.


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