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Composed a short soundtrack for this Sci Fi Game developed by 'Modern Game Architects', a small studio from Austria. They built about 1 hour of gameplay, with interesting puzzle mechanics, and unusual level design. Truly hope the game will see the light of the day.

I really liked working on this project, and it was my first time collaborating with someone from Austria. There were very interesting perspectives in terms of level building and the overall concept of the game. The lore is very unique and complex, and the visuals are quite impressive for a small indie game studio. 

Even though I only contributed one track to this game, there is immense potential in the project, and if everything goes well - we will see a full scale release in the upcoming years.

More about the project: Modern Game Architects

Developed by: Modern Game Architects

Obey the Architects OST - "Umfeld" | Composed by Kyle Misko (2021)

Obey the Architects OST - "Umfeld" | Composed by Kyle Misko (2021)

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A SciFi Puzzle Adventure with branching Narrative. No handholding, minimal UI (immersive) and weaponless stealth combat.Walk through a semi-open-world, solve puzzles, make dialogue choices, kill enemies and obey the Architects.

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