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Ukrainian Alternative Folk Album

I am proud and honored to present this Ukrainian Alternative Folk Album. 


Ukrainian Alternative Folk Music | Full Album | Kyle Misko

Full Album:

About the album:

It took me about 3 months of work to put this together with @Fernanda Sunce .

1st stage was selecting the tracks I was going to sample, 2nd was composing & writing the arrangement, creating that new atmosphere that you hear. There is a couple of famous Ukrainian Folk Songs known very well in Ukraine, like "Kozatskiy Marsh" , "Viter Vie", "Arkan" or "Nese Halya Vodu", but also less known Folk Music such as a Ukrainian Folk Band "Burdon", a vinyl recording of a Ukrainian Folk Music from 1960s or Ethnic Hutsul Melodies which you hear at the beginning of this album. 3rd was to put all of the 10 tracks together into one mix, where it's a seamless experience for the listener, that you could hear from beginning to the end, and 4th was making this montage that you see in front of you. 2nd & 4th stages took most of the time :) Fernanda helped me find a lot of these videos, and the visuals that you see is a result of our collaboration! Polissya Volunteers is an organisation originally founded by my father @Valeriy Misko back in 2014 when the war conflict with Russia initially began. Over the years, this organization has provided and continues to provide humanitarian aid, help necessary, and whatever else needed to our brave soldiers on the East of Ukraine, protecting our lands, our families, our memories, our peace, our life.. Finally, I'd like to thank a wonderful friend of mine Victor Basyul for helping me with marketing and promoting this video.

Official Videos:

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