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Genres: Ambient, Electronic, Chill Hop, Drum'n'Bass
Developer: SlinDev

Play the game here: Grab on Meta Quest 

Working throughout 2023 with a German game developer on his upcoming game title "Grab". I have never worked on a VR project before, and am really drawn to the idea of being immersed in the game entirely. I believe VR adds an amazing immersive element to the player's experience and composing music that will help that immersion even further was a task I was completely up to. 

Heavily inspired from my previous works on "QuaQua", "A Snoot's Adventure" and "Total Miner" the soundtrack here takes the next step both production-wise and creatively, reaching new boundaries in terms of composing electronic, ambient and chill hop music. The game was in early access for sometime now, and many players got used to play without any music, so it was a challenge for me to ease into player's experience. It is also one of the first times I got to produce Drum'n'Bass music. It is still a work in progress and more tracks are to come!


GRAB is a multiplayer parkour game. Climb, jump, slide and swing through the levels to reach the end, but don't fall or touch the lava! A core component of GRAB is the level editor that lets you and your friends create your own levels together and upload them for everyone else to play.

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