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Genres: Hip Hop, Chill Hop, Rock, SNES.
Client: Ahrdymond Games

Feel free to reach out to Thomas T Meez Hardiman for more information:

Working with Thomas was really great. We come from different cultural, gaming and musical backgrounds, making this experience extremely unique. We both love Video Game Music, as well as one of the titles that we share common appreciation with is the Prince of Persia series. When playing the game you will definitely feel some of those inspirations, but what makes this game unique - is it's tone, story, as well as Thomas's unique vision for the world they are building in this game.


I was happy to contribute to this project with 2 tracks and as the game is in further stages of development I hope to compose more music for this excellent title!


Track "Reminiscent" goes in a more of a hip hop direction, with a very relaxed atmosphere, while track "Unreal" is a much more aggressive and upbeat paced track. It is also a SNES inspired track, and is going to be used for a boss fight. To this day we keep in touch with Thomas, and are good friends aspiring to break into the gaming industry with our original craft and ideas. 

In Princess of Galaxia, you'll play as Evonne Livodia. She and her sister, Yavonne, fight over the throne after their father was killed by Starchild Galaxia. With tension over allowing him to escape, Livodia needed a new leader. The duel of the ages between the siblings resulted in defeat of Evonne, even though she was the better candidate.

However, she was banished from her own kingdom, and was directed with the task to find the Royal Divine Weapons, and the prince and princesses of Nadia in order to reclaim the throne, and defeat Starchild Galaxia.

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