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Genres: World Music, Greek, Indian, Arabic, Rock, Alternative Rock.

Developer: Jake Pawlowski - Lead Developer, Designer and the Creator of the project.

'Griff the Winged Lion' is probably one of the most nostalgic projects in my portfolio as it was one of the very first game soundtracks I have ever worked on. Back in 2016-2017 I was only dreaming of being a full time composer, and while I did work on Blood Omnicide and Soul Revenant projects prior to it, this was one of the very first times where I produced original music for the game.

Jake is an ambitious person as he manages a couple of projects at the same time with his game studio "Skeletiki" and we previously worked on "Legacy of Kain: Dark Renaissance". When he started to work on this game project - he reached out to me regarding composing several tunes for the game. It was a fun challenge making music for a Spyro inspired game, as well as play the game and test it in action. That entire 90s aesthetics was always appealing to me, and so this game has a special place in my heart. Learn more about the game below.

Griff the Winged Lion
Greek Mythology
Egyptian Realm
Indian Realm

A retro-inspired 3D platformer set in mythological realms, inspired by titles like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Griff has a unique pair of Midas gloves which he uses to turn enemies and objects into gold and shatters them for collecting.A new level of retro: play in PS1 style plus N64 & Dreamcast styles.

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