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Composing an original game soundtrack for Regime. Working with various orchestral sections, this was one of the first fully orchestrated scores I composed. I created music using String, Brass, Rhythm & Percussion Sections. Back then the game was at it's early stages of development. Even though I have been commissioned to write this soundtrack, the game itself never saw light. 

I hope this will change in time and I will come back with updates on this page.

Developed by: Max Konge

In year 0 when the great Greendust Plague spread across the continent of Cortus, the southern desert was hit the worst. With its lack of hills and high terrain, the greendust killed most of the population in the region. A set of small clans arose after the fall of any kingdoms that may have existed before. After the second greendust plague that hit in 450 A.P, the clans of Sandlords have secretly gathered at SkullSand Village and prepare for an invasion of the Northern Kingdoms to escape the desert that have put their people in danger for so long.


In Regime - the player will be able to discover and find the SkullSand Village by themselves or be introduced to it in an obligatory mission in year 517 A.P. The player can grow relations with the sandlords, buy exotic items, start events (just like in their own kingdom) and can annex the clans if they follow the proper path.

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