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This project, developed by a Latvian Game Studio Pahris Entertainment, shares the same passion and love for games as Color Gray does, since they are closely connected in the industry.

Not many game developers tackle the true RPG experience these days, especially with modern AAA games simplifying the concept of this genre, overshadowing a lot of the gems released throughout the years. One of such gems is Fallout I and II, and these games happen to be direct inspirations of 'Space Wreck'.

Composing this soundtrack in different subgenres of Sci Fi Music was an exciting challenge and an absolute pleasure to create. Here you will find Ambiental Soundscapes, Explorational Themes, Combat Music and much more. I was also using Fallout OST as my reference, and together with Martinš we achieved something very special. Enjoy the journey!

Client: Pahris Entertainment SIA

Feel free to contact Martinš Ceplis for more information:

A Fallout-inspired post-apocalyptic RPG in space with an extreme focus on role-playing. Inch wide, miles deep - intentionally short yet surprisingly deep and branching adventure with multiple gameplay styles. Combat 100% optional.

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