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Genres: House, Dance, Ambient, Electronic.

Developed by: Aphelios

CyberThreat was not only one of my first projects as a full time composer back when I started out in 2020, but also the first soundtrack for a video game I composed in Electronic, House & Dance Music genres. I also remixed the Main Theme of the game "Reflections".

CyberThreat is a Persona inspired game, and even though I have never played any of the Persona games, I have strong love and warm resonance to anime-styled RPG games with that early 2000s aesthetics. Connor, Lead Developer and Creator, shares my taste in music, especially when it comes to House and Drum'n'Bass genres. There were many artists that contributed to this soundtrack, and I am very proud to be one of them. Enjoy the journey!

CyberThreat is a turn based RPG with life simulation elements, set in a modern day city. Can you win the war in CyberSpace, or will you fall to the viruses once and for all?

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