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Almost American

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Welcome to the "Almost American" music project. This alias is dedicated to all of my rock music production, indie, new wave, post grunge, alternative and much more. I have released 3 EPs under this alias called "Spring Thoughts & Amelioration" (Part 1,2 & 3) as well a debut studio album "Freespirited" that came out on March 1st of 2022. 

This music is my soul & origins, as some of you might know - guitar is my first instrument that got me into music.. I haven't gotten into music until the age of 12, and after creating several bands, my journey led me to Tatamusic Studio, where I first started composing. "Almost American" is most old project of mine coming back from 2012-2013 when I was an exchange student in Hillsboro, Oregon. Together with Auggie (Bass), and Michael (Drums) we created this band because all 3 of us had our origin countries elsewhere but not USA :)

Hear all most recent releases:

Youtube: Almost American | Ukrainian Band

Soundcloud:  Almost American | Ukrainian Band music

Debut Studio Album:

With this album I want to bring everybody only most joyful, nostalgic and truly good vibes. I want to resurrect that what we love so much about 90s and early 2000s music - and bring Alternative Rock back to life in it's new and independent from the mainstream form. I hope this record affects you same way it did me while creating it. All of this is done solo. The pictures in other tracks I posted are all originals and I always indicate from where they were taken.



Freespirited (2022)

SP 1 Logo Var 1.jpg

Spring Thoughts & Amelioration Part I (2017)

ST&A III Var 2.jpg

Spring Thoughts & Amelioration
Part III (2020)

SP 2 Logo.jpg

Spring Thoughts & Amelioration
Part II (2019)

Official Videos:

Vocal Covers:

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