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Around the same time I have been working on Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen Resurgence and Legacy of Kain: Soul Revenant, I found out about another game in development dedicated to this incredible universe and lore. Developed by Skeletik, with Jake Pawlowski as the lead developer, this project somehow turned out even more ambitious than the others. Jake has set himself on creating an entirely new game in the series, set between Blood Omen and Soul Reaver events, solely dedicated to Raziel when he was still a vampire in the service of Kain. 

As with other 2 soundtracks, I was highly inspired composing music for this title. Combining some of the themes we already knew from previous series, together with my own ideas, 2017 was when all of these tracks were composed. Enjoy the journey to Nosgoth!

More about the project: Dark Renaissance| Facebook

Developed by: SKELETIK

A millenium has passed since Lord Kain set his capital in the ruins of the Pillars of Nosgoth and began his conquest of the world. His first act was to recruit a cadre. Dipping into the underworld, Kain snared six souls and thus birthed his lieutenants, of which I, Raziel was one. We, in turn, prowled the twilight of purgatory building six legions of vampires to pillage Nosgoth.


The destruction of the major human Kingdoms was inevitable. Within a hundred years, humanity had been thoroughly domesticated. To be sure, there remained some feral humans scattered across the hinterlands, clinging to their hopeless holy war to rid Nosgoth of “the vampire scourge.”


After the taming of the humans, our real work began: shaping Nosgoth to our will. Around the pillars, slaves constructed a shrine worthy of our new age... worthy of our dark renaissance.


(Credit to Crystal Dynamics, from Soul Reaver original Playstation manual)

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