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Official Poster of The Woodlands
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My first work on a film. Producing orchestration and atmospheres. This project was featured in many different film festivals. This was also an extremely unique experience as I have never worked on this sort of production before. I hope that a "Film Projects" section will be added to my website in the upcoming years.

More about the project: Gallery | Susannah Donnan

The Woodlands (2022) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb
Directed by: Susannah Donnan

The Woodlands is my first short out of film school and my last film in South Carolina. I wrote the script in December 2021 and got together with some of my favorite collaborators to shoot the film in February 2022. It's a small project, but it's been an incredible experience. I wanted to do a period piece so I could play with costuming and world-building, but most of all I wanted woods at the center of the film. I love the woods. 

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