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Peaceful & Happy Game Music

Welcome to Peaceful & Game Music playlist! Here you will find a wide array of various music genres such as Orchestral, Electronic, Chill Hop, Ambient, SNES and more. In my perception - a genre of music is merely a tool to convey a certain mood. When it comes to having light, inspiring, uplifting and cheerful music - I always stray towards such composers as Jeremy Soule who created powerful compositions for both Elder Scrolls and Harry Potter series, Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale; Paul Romero whose orchestral work on "Heroes of Might and Magic" was absolutely phenomenal with tracks like "Grassland Theme" and "Water Theme" from HoMM III - staying forever in my heart; Japanese composers like Takeshi Furukawa who composed music for "The Last Guardian" and Yasuharu Takanashi who composed for "Naruto" series; along with numerous electronic music producers and different rock bands I talked about on my other pages.

Below you will find a demo reel I compiled of some of the best light tracks I have ever composed in different genres of music. 

Light Demo Reel | Video Game Composer | Kyle Misko

Light Demo Reel | Video Game Composer | Kyle Misko

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