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Peaceful & Happy Music

Here you will find a wide array of cheerful, happy, cute or light-hearted tunes in orchestral, electronic, chill hop, ambient or SNES inspired genres and more. Each genre unlocks new ways to convey a certain feeling.


When it comes to having light, inspiring, uplifting and cheerful music - I'm always influenced by such composers as Jeremy Soule who created powerful and nostalgic-like compositions for both Elder Scrolls and Harry Potter series, Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale; Paul Romero whose orchestral work on "Heroes of Might and Magic" is absolutely phenomenal staying forever in my heart; Japanese composers like Takeshi Furukawa who composed music for "The Last Guardian" and Yasuharu Takanashi who composed for "Naruto" series.


There are also numerous electronic music producers and different rock bands that shaped my tracks when working light-hearted tracks.

Notable Work

Latest Releases

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