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Genres: Orchestral, Neo-Classical, Ambient, and Dramatic music genres and soundscapes.
Client: Color Gray Games
Publisher: PlayStack

Play the game here: The Case of the Golden Idol on Steam ( 

Developed by a Latvian Game Studio 'Color Gray Games', I felt an immediate connection to this project when applying for the position of composer. I definitely feel like Slavic and Baltic nations share a similar taste in video games and video game music, possibly, because we grew up on similar game titles from the 90s and the 2000s. There is a bigger appreciation for the 'less-mainstream' genres of video games in Eastern and Northern Europe, opposite to the more popular Western type of video game genres. As well as certain game titles that were not popular on the West, gained extreme popularity in Eastern/Northern Europe, and vice versa.

I think it's exactly this combination of circumstances that led to the creation of this title, and it also explains the spiritual connection I felt with the developers, including the game's idea, story and atmosphere.

All of that resulted in this very special game and soundtrack.

It was a very cognitive experience working with various orchestral instruments to create that 18th century atmosphere set in England. Both developers greatly navigated me in picking out the best moments within each track, giving each scenario a special signature. On this soundtrack I worked with String, Brass, Rhytm & Percussion Sections of the Orchestra, as well as added elements from New Age and Ambient genres of music. This is a detective game, and I aimed to convey that detective and mysterious atmosphere in the music as well. I felt that this project turned out to be a great combination of video game music that I love to compose, and what was needed for each one of the different scenarios. 


A new kind of detective game that allows you to think and investigate freely. Discover clues surrounding 12 strange and gruesome deaths and build your own theory. Pick your suspect, deduce the motive, unmask the awful truth.

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