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Genres: World Music, Neo-Classical, Ambient.
Developer: Color Gray Games
Publisher: PlayStack

Play the game here: The Case of the Golden Idol on Steam ( 

If you enjoy a good mystery then this first DLC for the "The Case of the Golden Idol" is just for you! I absolutely loved working on the original soundtrack, so having the opportunity to compose more music for this really cool title was an honour and a bliss. It was a new challenge for me as musician, since this time around we are transported to mid 18th century Sri Lanka - to the origins of the Golden Idol. I had to convey that atmosphere using a lot of the Asian percussion and instruments, yet still hint at the original soundtrack, and unite those two worlds together. Developed by Latvian Indie Game Studio "Color Gray Games" - it was once more an incredible collaboration and I have talked in great length of working with them here


Excited to share these 2 new tracks for the new DLC!

The Spider of Lanka begins in 1741, one year before the first scenario in The Case of the Golden Idol, and uncovers the awful origins of this five-decade tale of betrayal, greed, ambition and death. Set in the fictional Kingdom of Lanka, this DLC offers three brand new scenarios that will demand the utmost of your deduction powers to unravel. Encounter characters old and new during your expedition to Lanka. Among these faces hides the Spider of Lanka, puppeteering events to shape the future.

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