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Genres: Dark, Tribal, Ambient.
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Steam: DEAD FURY on Steam (

Client: Funder Game Studios. Paul Cousins. Lead Developer, Creator.

I was always fascinated by the idea of apocalyptic movies and video games, "Last of Us", "I am Legend" and "Resident Evil" probably being the ones that captured my heart the most. Developed by a "Funder Games" a New Zealand based studio - Dead Fury was that perfect canvas for me to draw ideas upon. 

Those who follow my YouTube channel circa 2015-2017 will perfectly understand my excitement of working on a dark soundtrack, as I have posted numerous remakes and revisits of compositions created for "Legacy of Kain" series. I was definitely hyped and ready to put that experience into creating my own tracks, and these 3 compositions perfectly represent those first attempts.

I have worked on this project at it's early demo stages, when the negotiations with the publisher had just began. In those few months of our collaboration, I got to realize a couple of interesting musical ideas and capture the atmosphere of post-apocalyptic New Zealand. At a certain stage of development we were even looking into adding some of the New Zealand folklore music into the soundtrack.

Working with Paul Cousins and creating dark ambience with orchestral & tribal elements was a great and memorable experience of writing music for ARPGs, as well as one of the most crucial curves in my career that helped me understand the depths and complications of the game industry. 

Eventually this project led to "Oxir" - a personal project dedicated to dark soundtrack music.

These tracks will immerse you in this apocalyptic zombie world.

Descend into hell in Dead Fury! - A fast-paced action-adventure title set amongst the rugged mountains of a post-apocalyptic New Zealand, a native blossom is the last hope for humanity after a virus brought back from Mars triggered a zombie apocalypse.

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