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 A Snoot's Adventure

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My role was creating a unique soundtrack, working with Orchestral, Chillhop and Electronic Music genres. This was the first time I was able to establish a custom signature in a soundtrack. Each new project takes a couple of tracks before the musical style of the game is defined. And even though "Snoot's Adventure" is partialy inspired by the Tony Hawk series - Punk Rock wouldn't have worked in a more fantasy setting that Devoke Studio is aiming for. Instead, we tried something new and experimental as these tracks have been composed throughout 2020-2022 with the final tracks "Cityscapes" and "The Journey" synchronizing perfectly with the gameplay.

As the soundscape has been evolving - so did the game as well, especially it's environment and atmosphere.

Below you will find a video on the latest update on the Snoot's Adventure.

More about the project: Devoke Studio

Developed by: Devoke Studio

This adorable 3D Platformer combines skateboarding mechanics with classic 90s era collectathons. Test your reactions with the tight control, to roll, push, burn, freeze, pull and electrocute your way to collect all the lost spirit leaves across the 8 magical open worlds, and save the Snoots of Snootville.

The mechanics of the Snoots abilities are truly diverse, and can be sequentially used together to perform some incredible feats. I have focused on encouraging the player to find their own way of playing the game, there is not a single method for each obstacle, but rather a diversity of platforming tools at your disposable, and it is up to the player to work with the abilities given to them to overcome the challenges.