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Strategies and Sandbox are hands down one of my favorite video game genres. From early childhood I have been immediately drawn to games like Warcraft III, Heroes of Might and Magic, Rome Total War, Pharaoh, Stronghold Crusader, Mount & Blade and many more titles that are dear to my heart. 

There is something extremely appealing to me about starting out from scratch and building an empire out of empty space, and to this day strategy and sandbox games have a special place in my soul. Starting out as a full time video game composer back in 2020 - you can understand my excitement on making music for World Turtles. 

It was an honor composing the main theme for this very unique project. Combining elements of piano music, ambient & electronic music - I saw a certain vision while looking at the footage of the game. Gideon was really great to work with, and gave me all the creative freedom to push this track into this cinematic direction, as you are building a small empire in space. 

Genres: Ambient, Cinematic, Electronic, Tribal.
Client: Gideon Griebenow.

Feel free to contact Gideon to find out more about working with me:

The World Turtle carries entire civilizations on its back through outer space, and the gentle Meeps are the only ones on a quest to save it. Cooperation, rather than conquest will save the day, so prepare to harvest, build, research, and explore the void in this wholesome turtleback builder.

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