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Salve amigos! This project is solely dedicated to my electronic music production, as well as my dj mixes and everything in that genre branch.

! I divided this project into 4 subcategories:


1 - Axaw | House, Techno, Progressive, Dance

2 - Axaw II | Hip Hop, Phonk

3 - Axaw III | Drum'n'Bass
4- Axaw IV | Ambient

 Dj Axaw is a Ukrainian Dj, Music Producer & Composer Kyrylo Misko, originating from Zhytomyr, Ukraine. I have lived abroad for many years, and go back and forth between Ukraine and countries in Europe and North America.


This is an early stage of my career, and in the future I hope to record many great dj sets, and drone recordings from different parts of the world showcasing you "Axaw" music with it's memorable dance atmospheres, nostalgic vibes and more.

Hear all most recent releases:

Youtube: Dj Axaw | Ukrainian Dj & Music Producer

Soundcloud: Dj Axaw | Ukrainian Dj & Music Producer Music

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Debut Dj Set:



Axaw II | Hip Hop & Phonk

Around 2017 a very good friend of mine sent me a 3DMG album "Volume 2". After discovering Phonk I immediately fell in love with the genre. This very much underrated genre of music takes its roots in the 90s originating from Memphis, Tennessee. I was surprised to hear many beat tapes produced by Dj Paul, Dj Squeeky, and Triple Six Mafia, which seemed very innovative to me for their time, and have most obviously influenced modern day Trap music. Since then I dived deeper into this genre as well as Hip Hop music in general, and made several mixes of my own, as well as produced in that genre too. Here you can find my latest mixes as well as original tracks.

Mixer Keys

Axaw III | Drum'n'Bass

I have been listening to Drum'n'Bass from right around the time I came to New York City back in 2015. There was this incredible liquid d'n'b mix I have found on YouTube (now only available on MixCloud) and it has accompanied me on my many walks throughout NYC, as well as opened an entire new genre for my catalogue. I also express particular interest to the 90s D'n'B artists such as Wax Doctor, Peshay, Voyager and many others. Along with Bryce3D artwork - these mixes have something very special in them. I also absolutely love the work of Alix Perez, Hybrid Minds, Dj Nookie and Pizza Hotline and hope to produce more D'n'B tracks in the upcoming years as well create my own mixes.

Mixer Keys

Axaw IV | Ambient

Right around 2014-2015 - I have discovered Aphex Twin through learning more about Radiohead's discography. "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" album made a huge impact on me, as I was never familiar with ambient techno up until that point. I was further immersed into this genre by listening to Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works Volume II". That album along with video game music and particularly Jeremy Soule's work - introduced me into this wonderful genre of music. (Stone in Focus probably being one of my all time favorite tracks) Ambient music plays an important role in my video game production, as I find it one of the best genres to create special soundscapes and atmospheres in video games. It is an absolutely integral genre of music in my career, as I always get back to it and discover something new.

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