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Genres: Sci-Fi, Ambient, Electronic

More about the project: Project Mordaro by Tcrakman (  |  Project Mordaro (
Client: Julian Carillo | Lead Developer, Level Designer & Creative Director.

Feel free to contact Julian:

'Project Mordaro', developed by a Guadalajara based game studio, was one of my very first experiences of creating a soundtrack for a Zelda inspired & Metroidvania type game. There was really great coordination between me and Julian, as we were developing our vision for this project. Being from completely different parts of the world and coming from different cultural backgrounds, our inspirations and what we wanted for the atmosphere to be in the game somehow coincided perfectly. I absolutely love creating Sci Fi music and there was something very special that resonated with me on this project, something old school, nostalgic and ethereal, a game you feel like you have played before, but can't remember the name of it.

Having no recollections of who or where you are, you are taken on a special journey of rediscovering this exciting world through the eyes of your your character.

I was also very grateful to get full creative freedom while composing this soundtrack. We had a couple references, but my main inspirations came from playing this game and asking myself "what could be a great fit?". In this playlist you will find different subgenres of Sci Fi Video Game Music: Ambience, Boss Music, Explorational Music and more. To this day, we still keep in touch with Julian, and became very good friends. Definitely excited to work on more projects with them in the future!

...Awake in Mordaro...

Having no recolection of who you are, a voice calls and you quickly find yourself traveling through technologic places full of machines and small specks of vegetation and life.

Battle your way through Mordaro´s  interconnected sectors, infested with the remnants of an ancient civilization and rescue lost alien friends, many of which will join you and aid you with new abilities to help everyone find their way back home.

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