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Alien Invasion

Sci Fi & Electronic Game Music

Welcome to Sci Fi and Electronic Music playlist! Being directly tied to some of my personal projects,

Sci Fi is one of the best genres to work with me in. I love composing electronic music, work with ambient pads and create futuristic sound. My electronic tracks are always filled with immersive atmospheres and soundscapes, that create a full range feelings from something very subtle and calm to absolute action packed compositions.

Another interesting fact is that a lot of my sci fi production is not only influenced by such video game soundtracks as Deus Ex composed by Alexander Brandon and Michael McCann, Tribes Vengeance composed by Eric Brosius, Mass Effect composed by Jack Wall, Fallout composed by Mark Morgan and Inon Zur, but also a lot of prolific electronic music artists such as Solar Fields (know for Mirror's Edge Soundtrack), Hybrid Minds, Inner-Vations, Aphex Twin, Alix Perez, Hybrid and countless others.

All of those great influences combined result in the unique sound you can hear below.

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