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Genres: Dark, Nu Metal, Ambient, New Age.
More about the project:
 Tower of Sins | Empty Box Studio

Developer: Empty Box Studio.

Very excited to share this project I have been working on throughout 2023. This is going to be one of the most awesome 2D Action Metroidvania you have ever played. The team behind the production is absolutely fantastic, open minded and versatile. With team members from such countries as Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine - such interesting combination of different cultures, mentalities and ideas is bound for success.


Developed by an aspiring team of game developers, this game will take you on a very special journey. When first reaching out to Empty Box Studios I immediately resonated with the game's idea as it wants to take all of that that we love about Action Metroidvania games, dark worlds, intricate lore and a compelling storyline - and multiply it by a thousand. This project is still in development and more updates are to follow. In the meantime feel free to join a discord server, and check out some of the tracks I composed for the upcoming demo.

Tower of Sins is a 2D, dark fantasy Action-Platformer. It's built on a strong Metroidvania foundation, which it blends with elements of Boss Rush games and the player agency of highly narrative-driven experiences. Its cornerstones are epic battles and a world rich in lore and compelling characters. Its tightly designed movement and combat systems provide a fair but challenging endeavour and a high skill ceiling that can house all desires of mastery.

"A colossal structure towers above the land, bringing absurdity to the otherwise bleak landscape. With its origins lost to time in the outside world, it now serves as a beacon of hope, yearning, oppression, power, nightmares and spirituality all at once. But within its corrupted walls, remnants of a simple but absolute purpose linger still. You and your kind are the only ones who must enter the Tower of Sins, and before you know it, you find yourself staring at its gate from the inside.

The curse of the Firstborns makes no exceptions.

There is no way out, and in here, not even death will grant you release. But, deep within its halls, there are glimmers of meaning waiting to reward the curious. Fight your way through the grotesquely corrupted creatures. Get to know others of your aimless kind that navigate the tower's cardinal temptations. Grasp at the history of the world that holds you captive, and you may even earn a chance to write its future."

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