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Genres: Dark, Orchestral, Ambient.
More about the project:
 Edge of Sanity| Vixa Games

Developer: Vixa Games.

So glad to have contributed to this project with a few tracks! Learned about Edge of Sanity after visiting Gamescom in 2023 and ever since got in touch with the developers and worked on these 3 tracks for one of the levels of the game. 

Edge of Sanity is a psychological survival horror game set in the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska featuring hand-crafted 2D art and intense atmosphere inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

You were part of a resupply group helping scientists working in the Alaskan field lab. Finding the site devoid of humanity you stumble upon horrifying creatures, and during the escape your group splits up. You were lucky enough to make it out alive and set up a provisional camp to plan your future expeditions to find out what happened.

Explore hostile caves, forgotten mines and hidden laboratories in search of precious resources for you and other survivors. Look for clues to uncover the dark secrets of the mysterious PRISM organization and unveil a tragic story about scientists who inexplicably vanished.

Each day in this area is a tough fight for survival. Limited food and supplies, and your sanity stretching to the edge. Be prepared to improvise and look for any advantage you might have against various monstrosities. It’s all up to you whether the darkness fully consumes you or you manage to cling on to what remains of your sanity.

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