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Genres: Dark Ambient, Dark Techno.
More about the project:
 Dead Heat| Saxon Software

Developer: Saxon Software.

New York, 2082
A haunted Gothic metropolis perched on the razor-thin line between life and death, and fractured into tiny shards of neighbourhoods, dead zones and ivory towers. An ancient city with a living, breathing mind of its own, that slowly climbed its way out of the pits of death and morph itself into a grand Art Gothic metropolis, cocooned behind a chitinous wall of ruined buildings and trash-filled rivers.

Its cold streets are sparsely populated with shell-shocked survivors of a nightmare war, slowly eking out a new life while their greatest fear lives among them. Zombies; moving on crippled cybernetic limbs and suffering the pain of guilt for their past, the living dead slowly piecing together the remnants of their lost lives.

Some have managed to move on and prosper in this great city. Others have not.

Murder, slander, prejudice and plight plague the city. The lives of citizens are destroyed seemingly at random. And now by cruel fate, two women are next in the firing line.

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