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Changing Tides & SongByrd Series

Given audio recordings of voice actors - I had to create sound effects, set the atmosphere and tone, compose custom music and set entire sound environment for these visual novels..

Originally I received only the voice recordings along with some of instructions of which SFX should play at a certain moment. All the sounds and music you hear are my own ideas and production.

Worked on a project up until 9th episode of “SongByrd” series, and episode 4 of “Changing Tides”. 


However, something sad has happened ever since, Rayne - the main creator of this project, decided to either remove or unlist all of the episodes produced for this series. And there is no chance for me to showcase my work here.. Probably in the future I'll have to delete this page from my website, but it's a big shame as I have done enormous amount of work on the episodes...

More about the project: Home | Raynestorm Productions

This channel is coming soon!