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Dark Video Game Music

Welcome! If you are looking for original dark atmospheres and soundscapes, that create feelings of either suspense or fear, or give a very cool dark tone to your project - then you are in the right place!  A demo reel I have prepared below features some of the best dark music I have produced. Going from ambient & more subdued tracks to absolute action packed compositions, either in orchestral, electronic or rock music genres.

A lot of my darker production is heavily influenced by such video game soundtracks as Legacy of Kain composed by Kurt Harland, Diablo composed by Matthew Uelmen, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within composed by Stuart Chatwood and Warcraft music composed by Derek Duke. 

All of these inspirations and personal extensive experience result in the production you can hear just below.

Dark Music Demo Reel | Video Game Composer | Kyle Misko

Dark Music Demo Reel | Video Game Composer | Kyle Misko

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