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Genres: SNES, New Age, Electronic Music.

Creating fun and dynamic tracks for a retro inspired game. Welcome to the cozy soundtrack world of Jimmy's Wild Apple Adventure. Inspired by SNES games, this OST marks a new beginning in my production by combining elements of oldschool consoles sound effects, with elements of ambient, new wave & contemporary electronic music. Hope you enjoy this journey, and check out the game! :)

More about the project: Jimmy's wild apple adventure by SandCroc (

Developed by: SandCroc Studios

When originally talking about the soundtrack with the developer, we were aiming at actually some 8 bit sounds, but as you know most of my portfolio is different, and so after having 8 bit music ready, I did a new revision for it, combining old school elements along with new age. Even though this game is quite an underground title, I am still very proud of the work I did here, and hope to make more similar tunes in the future.

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