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Golden Idol Mysteries: The Lemurian Vampire Soundtrack

Very grateful to Color Gray Games for allowing me to become part of the unique journey they're creating for fellow detective gamers and mystery solving appreciators out there.. the 2nd DLC for 'The Case of the Golden Idol' just came out last Thursday on 31st of August, and I am excited to share this soundtrack with you!

After an overwhelmingly positive feedback of the music from the previous Golden Idol DLC "The Spider of Lanka" (which took a darker tone and introduced a heavy Asian inspiration) I felt a wave of inspiration alongside the feeling of being completely on the same page with Color Gray in terms of sound and the boundaries we can push music-wise in this new adventure that players will experience.

Monkey Paw Island, which (without spoilers) sheds more light on the mystery of the Golden Idol, heavily reminded me of Myst island. There is something ethereal, distant and at the same time nostalgic about this place.. that inspiration along a strong drive to continue evolving the soundtrack, rather than "locking / bounding" it to a certain genre, gave space for new creative ideas such as introducing tribal elements, more experimentation with ambience, more pronounced guitar sections, and sprinkling it all with some really cool dark & cinematic vibes.

And of course huge thanks to our publisher Playstack for making our ideas, vision, passion, aspirations and dreams come true!!

Honored and excited to share this soundtrack!

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