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Over 1k Spotify Listeners, and 4k subscribers on YouTube..

I recently reached over a 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 4000+ subscribers on YouTube.. 🤯

Just to put things into perspective and how much this truly means to me...

1 - I had 10 monthly listeners on Spotify basically between 2017-2022

2 - I've never invested in promotion (though should probably start!)

3 - I come from a village in Eastern Europe with population of roughly 5000 people where no one ever heard of the term "soundtrack music" xD

4 - Started to post YouTube videos in 2015, sharing game ost remakes and remixes, as well as my own work, trying different formats throughout the years.

Slowly but surely, it's this organic / word of mouth process of gaining listeners and is a result of tremendous amount of work and effort I put into trying to get projects over the years, despite any complications (either personal or political) and through persistency on this path 💪


It’s definitely encouraging, and I am happy to continue releasing more exciting stuff, as it's truly all just the beginning ❤️‍🔥

Since 2013, when I first got into composing, I have been accumulating an insane amount of project ideas.. less than half actually out there.. Stay tuned! 🔥🔥✌️✌️

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