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'GRAB' Soundtrack is Live!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

This summer, and this entire year has been absolutely mindblowing in my life.. Thrilled to further commemorate it with the release of one of the soundtracks I have been working on throughout 2023 - 'GRAB'

This is my first time working on a VR project, which is still early in development, but with a devoted fan base growing more each day. The concept of the game is extremely fun - its a VR multiplayer parkour game. In the game you can climb, jump, slide and swing through the levels, that you or other players build, and try to reach the end without falling or touching the lava. I had so much fun composing music for this game! 8 tracks total - 4 chill hop & ambient tracks and another 4 upbeat drum’n’bass tracks!

So happy to finally tackle the d’n’b genre more.. as it is one of my favorite genres of music, that used to be so much more present in video games from 90s and 2000s era

I hope to bring it back to the industry! It works so well for fast paced gameplay or moments where you need to create tension.

Enjoy the soundtrack!

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