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Golden Idol Interview: Andrejs & Kyle Chat..

I can already foresee the reminder of this post that "x amount of years ago you shared this" and being all nostalgic and reminiscent of my very first interview to go live, as well as the debut of my new project where I'll be talking with people from the industry that I've worked with over the years and discuss many cool topics.

And my very first guest is Andrejs Kļaviņš!! Co-founder of Color Gray Games and co-creator of The Case of Golden Idol video game! Which just shipped its 2nd DLC "The Lemurian Vampire" and I had the huge honor composing music for.

Andrejs is one of the coolest, humble, and hard-working people in the industry, a rising star in game dev arena in my opinion, and that I had the pleasure to record this interview with back in November of 2022. (yes... it took me almost a year to put it together, due to my ever-changing living situation, but I am so happy and excited to finally share this with you!)

We talked about my process of music production, the relationship between game developer and composer, shared thoughts on favorite tracks from the Golden Idol, many behind the scenes & stories behind the production of the game, and lots of other cool stuff!


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