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Almost American - Life (Demo)

March 1st today and those who stayed tuned long enough on here know that it's a special day in my life due to 2 events:

- my grandma was born on this day in 1953 - and in her 62 years of life (26/06/2015) made a significant impact on me as a kid, growing my love for life and music exponentially ❤️

- this day also marks the start of this project which coincides with the beginning of spring :)

The very first album "Spring Thoughts & Amelioration" was released on March 1st of 2017, and the roots of this band project date all the way to 2012:

I've done a lot of posts in the past about this day, so this time around I'll just leave you with this track :)

Enjoy and keep your loved ones close by ❤️

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