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Genres: Electronic, Chill Hop


A chill hop track I composed for a small mobile game project "Beam Me Up". Only 1 track that I did for the developer, so probably won't share anything else from this OST. Hope to work more with Dave in the future.

More about the project: Beam Me Up! Alien chutes and l - Apps on Google Play

Developed by: Dave Robinson Jr.

Axaw -  Lunu (from Beam Me Up OST) | @DjAxaw

Axaw - Lunu (from Beam Me Up OST) | @DjAxaw

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In this out of this world twist on the classic chutes and ladders game, cute little kid friendly aliens compete to be the first to reach the UFO at the end of the level. To operate the transporter, kids have to solve basic addition and subtraction problems. Solve an addition problem to beam your alien up (ladder). Solve a subtraction problem and beam an alien down (chute).

Unlike other math games that simply present multiple choice questions, Beam Me Up allows little learners to use their counting skills to exercise their minds and solve math problems for themselves. This is accomplished through the unique transporter controls.