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Tower of Sins Full OST

While I can't quite reveal some of my more recent work yet, given that today is such a unique date of February 29th that happens only once in 4 years - I can't help but to commemorate it by sharing something special I've worked on last year!

Back in the spring of 2022, I was casually browsing for composer work, just like I would usually do through various servers, groups etc. I stumbled upon a project that had a really cool ring to it. We spoke with the team in May of that year and I felt hopeful that something really cool might come up in the long term as it was truly a passion project I loved learning about.

About a year later the team was able to obtain funding through a government program and in 2023 they started working on the prototype.

What a great experience and pleasure it was composing these 5 musical pieces for the game❤️‍🔥Dark Soundtrack appreciators can enjoy this journey on Youtube / Spotify and other streaming platforms starting today 🔥😈

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