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'The Fur in Me' is one of the very first complete soundtrack projects I have worked on as an aspiring full time composer back in 2021. I also had the chance to put my skills to the test as a Music Director having to think of the best approach to create music for each level. There are over 25 levels featured in the game, embarking you on a special journey throughout various luscious environments. At the time of development there were 9 environments with different sublevels, and the obvious idea was to create a specific theme for each of the locations, and subthemes for every sublevel.

Green Fields, Winter Mountains, Cemetery, Caves, Beaches and the Desert are the few settings I composed music to. I had to really think in terms of how each environment was represented by the corresponding music. It was definitely a great project to work on at the time, as it brought me one step closer to understanding  the art of video game music and game industry overall.


It was also the very first time I worked with someone from Portugal, which led to many interesting connections, conversations and discoveries about both of our countries.

Genres: Piano, Electronic, Ambient

Client: João Ladeira - Lead Developer, Designer and the Creator of “The Fur In Me” project.

The Fur in Me is a 2D single-player platform adventure featuring color based mechanics, beautiful 4k visuals and rich storytelling. You play as a young Fur on a journey home who finds out his land has been taken by the evil Furbats. It’s up to our hero to defeat them and save the day! Or is it?

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